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SCHMIDT HAUS offers the construction of precast-concrete housing based on a traditional but industrialized construction system. Based on the premises of design, quality, comfort, speed and economy, Schmidt Haus combines the versatility of architectural design and the use of traditional materials with the quality and speed of an industrialized system, thus being able to solve any type of structure by saving large lights and also achieving elegant and high quality products.


The system is applicable to the construction of high-rise buildings, custom size houses, pre-designed houses or social housing. Additionally we have a product called the Pre-Losa Schmidt which allow us to fly in both directions while having floor-to-ceiling windows without the need for beams. In every case is possible to combine the precast concrete with any alternative construction material.



Quality: Precast concrete is produced in a production plant where exhaustive quality and resistance controls are carried out for each one of the pieces, resulting in a product of higher quality, durability and resistance.


Fast: The precast concrete construction makes it possible to meet and reduce the length of the jobs without losing quality in the structure of the building.


Modern Design: Precast concrete is flexible and adapts to the most innovative architectural designs.


Durable: Concrete is the most noble material that has been developed in construction. Our team, technology and quality controls take it to it’s maximum expression.


Fixed Prices: he structures of our buildings are produced in our production plant exclusively, which allows us to plan costs and minimize human error at the construction site, avoiding delays and eliminating hidden expenses as a result.


Sustainability: The construction with pre-cast concrete represents an efficient system where resources are optimized, material waste is reduced and energy is saved.

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We are always thinking on sustainability and we do our best to apply the concept in our products and in the way we operate on a daily basis. As a result, resources are optimized, energy is saved and material waste is reduced, reason why Schmidt Haus has got the Energy Efficiency Certification granted by the MIEM (Uruguayan Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining )

The construction time of the work is relative since it depends on the size, design and location of the house in question. However, our estimated terms are from 1 to 4 months (counting as day 1 the day we start working on the work-site).

No, our prices are fixed and closed. This is due to the fact that as the structure of the house is produced in our production plant before the start of the work, costs can be planned. Additionally, the human error at the construction site is minimized which avoids delays and eliminates Hidden expenses

The price of our houses includes everything that goes from the walls of the house to the inside. It depends on the project to see which kind of commodities each client wants but no matter how it always includes windows and doors, sanitary, electricity bathrooms and kitchens, floors etc. Our price also includes VAT, BPS and social laws. Once we finish the job the house is ready for a our client to move in whenever they want. 

Yes, our company reaches the entire territory of Uruguay. The only factor to take into account is that since the houses are made of heavy concrete pieces, the land must allow access to our trucks and cranes. In the same way there must be space and access for us to be able to make the assembly of the house / building. 

Schmidt Haus is part of Schmidt Premoldeados S.A. the first company to introduce the pre-cast concrete in Uruguay. With more than 20 years of experience and hundreds of works done we are the leaders in the market. Some of the jobs we have done have even broke records in size and complexity and are today considered historical milestones for the country. Our passion for the innovation, our experience and our dedication have always pushed us forward to be a better company everyday. 

The entire structure of our houses is produced in our production plant before entering the construction site. This allows us to speed up the construction process since the structure is produced simultaneously with the foundations of the hosue. This allows us to minimize human error at the construction site and to avoid delays due to bad weather. These factors allow us to reduce the times of the work and as a consequence the total cost of the house. 

Our company offers a quality product which can be tailored and customized to each one of our clients. Our houses are an environmentally friendly product that offers comfort, safety, durability and allows flexibility in the design while offering fixed prices and a construction speed which is very hard to beat for other quality constructions systems. 

Our houses are custom made so yes, we offer the freedom to design your home according to your taste and need. However we have some pre-designed housing models for those not interested in costume made houses.

Yes we can. Our company has its own production plant in Montevideo – Uruguay, which allows us to control each project from start to finish, produce and build what we design while precisely controlling each phase of the process by carrying out quality controls down the road. This procedure allows as to reach equal or greater levels of comfort and quality to those achieved by  traditional construction.

The construction with precast concrete uses traditional materials but is based on an industrialized system which speeds up and increases the efficiency of the construction process by combining the best of both worlds; the freedom of design, durability and comfort offered by on-site construction, with the speed and certified quality of prefabricated systems.

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