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The Pre-Slab is a reinforced concrete slab that by combining pre-molded (factory-produced) technologies with that used by traditional construction replaces the in-situ slab but without making changes to the project. These can be pre-tensioned or passive, both systems are completed with concrete poured on site. The slabs can reach a length of 10 to 14 meters, a maximum width of 3 meters and a thickness that goes between 5 and 8 cms., depending on the project.

The SCHMIDT Slab make the achievement of plants which are practically free of pillars possible, while allowing a better use of space and accelerating work schedules. They serve as permanent formwork and are applied for the construction of floors and/or ceilings, resulting in safe structures with high flexibility for design. These slabs are applied in the construction of parking lots, warehouses, offices, single-family homes or high-rise buildings and they stand out for their low costs and rapid placement. It’s final cost is lower than the alternative on-site solution and it’s superior quality makes it possible to leave them in the sight without the need of hiding them.


The stairs are produced in our production plant under strict quality standards (ISO 9001) which guarantees a solid, resistant, high quality and perfect finish product. The pre-molded stairs stand out for offering a series of advantages over the stairs made on site. They have an excellent finishing, they do not require maintenance, have high fire resistance, high load resistance and generate a considerable reduction of the construction time. Additionally, once the ladder is mounted, it can already be used (unlike the on-site made ones) while making it possible to speed up the logistics of the work. The stairs can be made costume made while offering variations in the length, in the footprint and in the breaks.


Pre-cast concrete walls speed up the the construction times. They can have a height of 1.2m (one plate) or a height of 2.40m (2 plates). The first option can be complemented with wiring on the top or with any other alternative material. The distance between pillars is usually 3m although on request, you can make custom plates. The assembly is quoted based on the number of pieces and the location of the wall.


This type of wall is used places that seek for high levels of security. The additional robustness of the bunker wall presents greater resistance against perforations, thus achieving a higher level of safety against vandalism. This wall can be used for mobile or temporary perimeter walls since it is quick and simple to install it. The transportation and installation of the wall is achieved with medium to large equipment. Wall assembly requires a flat and stable compacted floor base. The pieces cover a length of 2.7mts. per unit, they have a height of 3mts. and a thickness of 12cms at the top and 18cms. at the bottom.

Box Culvert



The proven strength and durability of our precast concrete products guarantees the quality of the work avoiding the complex maintenance problems associated with steel sewers or bridges. On the other hand, the speed of execution that our construction system allows guarantees that the construction times, and therefore the inconvenience generated, will be minimized.

Some features:

  • Permanent concrete bridge with a super fast assambly.
  • Average construction time: 1/3 days. 
  • Resistant to any type of loaded truck. 
  • Durability: OP1-50 years / OP2-100 years (Without maintenance)
  • It can be installed in urban or rural areas.
  • L The pieces are arranged in line forming a large duct with no limits.
  • Waterproof seals. Suitable for storm drains or sewage



The Schmidt safety barrier system is a system that consists of precast concrete barriers that can be installed for permanent or temporary use. This system provides more flexibility, lower costs, greater security and less maintenance than steel barriers since the impact of the sun does not affect them. Additionally, these are quick and simple to install. In the event that one of them was affected by an accident, the barriers can be quickly rearranged / replaced since in case of breakages only the damaged barrier is changed without touching the rest of the structure. The barriers are produced offsite guaranteeing a consistent, safe and high quality product.


The most efficient solution for the construction of stands and stadiums is achieved through the use of a precast concrete structure. The complexity and repeatability of these type of structures are, above all, what makes it possible to establish a great advantage of precasting over the rest of the construction systems. In addition to serving as a support for the public, the precast concrete stands also function as a watertight horizontal enclosure. Additionally, the system allows greater lights and less weight of the structure. The assembly of the stands can be done on any type of structure and is done with mobile crane or tower crane.


Pre-cast concrete pillars are preferably used in warehouses and industrial or commercial buildings with large lights. For rectangular sections, the possible dimensions vary from 12cm to 150cm sideways. The joints with the rest of the structure can be achieved by wet joints, metal inserts or specific pre-cast concrete mechanical joints. Our experienced engineering department advises on structural design to achieve the optimal solution for each project.


Pre-cast concrete beams are used in large light structures or in situations where the formwork execution is complex. They are generally applied for the construction of industrial, commercial buildings, warehouses or bridges. A great advantage of pre-cast concrete beams over on-site beams is the ability to prestress parts at a low cost. This allows to support large loads or greater lights at a lower cost than the solutions offered by metal structures or concrete made on site. There are several types of beams depending on their use. The roof beams of industrial buildings or large surfaces are usually pre-tensioned beams of type I. These beams can reach lengths of 40mts, of free light although always depending on the overhead they have. The beams can be, VR, VL, VT and VI, each type is used for different purposes such as, mezzanines, empty gates, etc.


Concrete columns for street lighting can be passive or prestressed and have a rectangular, square or hexagonal section. The columns have different heights depending on their use, they handle different resistance at the tip according to the specification required.


Our ribbed panels are used as ultralight slabs to save lights up to 15m. They are used in industrial or commercial buildings and bridges. These panels are the ideal solution for the construction of mezzanines that will receive high loads. The 2T panels are composed of 2 prestressed ribs joined by a slab. The upper slab has a standard thickness of 5cm that is completed by a concrete folder in place. You can also manufacture different thicknesses of slab, or slabs already finished according to customer requirements. This product can be assembled over any type of structure. It’s standard width is 2.5m and the minimum is 1.3m. The height of the panel varies between 30cm and 60cm according to the structural requirement.


These panels are used for roof covers and are prestressed which make it possible to save lights of more than 10 meters. Generally this panels are of 10 meters long and 2.50 meters wide, their nerves are 25 cm high. and the thickness of the slab is 5 cms, which totals a height of 30 cms. The distance between the axes of the nerves is 1.50 meters and the useful or accidental load on them is a maximum of 50 kg / m2. In the space between the nerves you can leave large openings, which allows you to accommodate overhead skylights, place wind fans or make any other installation that is needed. Asphalt membrane with aluminum or geotextile is placed above these panels depending on whether the roof is passable or not.


These ribbed panels are used for side enclosures of buildings (sheds) and stand vertically. They reach heights of up to 12.50 meters. and a width of 2.5mts. Between the nerves they can accommodate spans of different heights to place doors and/or windows. These are compatible with different building materials.


Flat concrete slabs are robust enclosures that provide safety, durability, strength and aesthetics to every building. These are self-supporting pieces that can save lights up to 12m. The maximum height of each piece is 3.3m. They are used in all types of buildings where good architectural finishing is required. The pieces are compatible with any construction system such as concrete on site, metal structures, precast concrete, etc. This type of enclosures allows the inclusion of thermal insulation, installations, coatings and can have the finishing with a variety designs.